"Rumors Spread on Social Media..."

Facebook is directly responsible for violence g...
BIG by Matt Stoller

Loser Antitrust: How Is Martin Shkreli Still Price-Gouging Sick People?

How the political desire to fight monopolies is slamming into government bureaucracies in New York, and elsewhere.
BIG by Matt Stoller

Here are some articles you should be reading! 2

Some insightful articles I came across during the previous week.


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Will Trump's Supreme Court Destroy Trump's Google Case?

The court cases that have made antitrust a dead letter have largely come from the conservative legal movement.
BIG by Matt Stoller

Here are some articles you should be reading! 3

The "Recycling" lie, the massive banking scandal and a few more.

Cheerleading, Monopolies and Sexual Predators

Why Bain Capital's Varsity Brands failed to stop a child sex scandal in cheerleading.
BIG by Matt Stoller

The "Hackable" Human may become more "Hackable" and hence more vulnerable.

Affective Computing is the study of systems designed to make use of human emotions. What happens when it's applied at a large scale?

Here are some articles you should be reading! 4

Coinbase says it wants to be apolitical. Can you plan during a global crisis? All this and more.

So... what next 2020!? What the fuck do you have in store for us?

I'm simply lost for words at the insanity of this timeline.

Editing whilst carb loading

Got to get that manuscript in shape!
The Mule

Congress Gets Ready to Smash Big Tech Monopolies

Boom. David Cicilline's investigation into big tech is about to yield big results.
BIG by Matt Stoller
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