Zoom dad fail.

So, my daughter had a very important group Zoom assessment thing for university this evening. An hour before it kicked off she was doing the rou…

Gauze and Effect Volume 6: Health, Data, and the Golden State

I’m staring at the sun setting over the Kansas side of my house. I live in a neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri, that is very close to the state line. I can see KS from my backyard. The sky has been hazy for a week, and I’m not a meteorologist, but I think it’s blowing in from the West Coast. Peculiarly, it is making me more homesick than usual.
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The Year of Lethal Wonders

I wrote a long essay for The Guardian about 2020. I think it’s pretty good, but it won’t make you feel good. The chicken shack was nearly an hour’s walk through Seoul in the subzero night, but they served up damn good chicken, and dangerously chea...

on staying here

& national suicide prevention week & mental health & capitalism
it's a long way down

Community Health Workers will Save us All

I am perched on the exam table wrapped in a paper gown, waiting for my first appointment with a new primary care provider.
Stories by Dr. Sarah Marie Martin on Medium
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A Haunting

"Rebecca! Oh dear!" I couldn't agree more
becky substack

Bumper Labour Day Quiz

Sort-of-a-diary of the last 100 hours
More Than A Feilding