The Unbundling of Udemy

Millions of people are looking to learn new skills online yet current platforms like Udemy lack the community and topic-based interaction necessary to build truly immersive educational experiences. This hole is paving the way for a new generation ...
Late Checkout - a Substack by Greg Isenberg

The death of social serendipity

Suddenly, we’re all working from home and using remote tools to stay connected, a steady trend which has been greatly accelerated. But in that jump, we've lost some of the really key elements of a shared physical space – things that lead to freer,...


“For many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes” Learning to focus our efforts on the right tasks can make us over 4x more effective. 
The Startup

How this newsletter gained 1.1k subs in 1 week

Give me $0 and I’ll give you a million dollar business
Building Startups

How to kill your idea before it even starts

Its not about what you know, its all about what you don't
Building Startups

Online Community

An overview of how online communities function, the benefits, the pitfalls and the insights necessary for survival.
The Startup

20 Acquisition Channels

Acquiring your early stage customers
Building Startups
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