How To Create An Amazing Landing Page Using Dorik

Building a landing page has become an imperative of every business or product you want to introduce to the world. Learning how to code can be a long and exhausting process. Maybe hiring an affordable web designer is not in your budget and you are ...
Fresh van Root

In Flight | Mem Labs 🧠

Welcome aboard. For those just joining us, In Flight exists to give readers the chance to try new tech, first. It also helps founders find their first true believers. Thanks for being here. Today, I'm excited ...
The Generalist

Run Your Marketing Retrospective With Metro Retro

A Retrospective is a meeting format in the Agile Software Development world, which is a kind of structured/moderated feedback meeting after an iteration. An iteration in software development describes a software development cycle. Today all areas ...
Fresh van Root

The S-1 Club | Snowflake and the Data Blizzard

Snowflake in 1 minute Since its founding in 2012, Snowflake has grown into a leader in the cloud data warehousing space. The company's intuitive solution makes it easy to run analytical queries with a customer-aligned billing model. Intriguingly, ...
The Generalist

When AI goes wrong (Practical AI #105)

So, you trained a great AI model and deployed it in your app? It’s smooth sailing from there right? Well, not in most people’s experience. Sometimes things goes wrong, and you need to know how to respond to a real life AI incident. In this episode...
Changelog Master Feed

Lobster Links on the Margins - Sept 4th

With a side of QAnon, Saudi Princes and Chicken Deboning.
Margins by Ranjan Roy and Can Duruk

Zoom, Unity and the Quest to Scale Corporate Drudgery

Brief: To build defensibility, Zoom may voyage into the murky world of metaverses, attempting to create a true virtual office. They should expect competition from gaming engines like Unity and a collection of upstarts. There had been other, less d...
The Generalist

The S-1 Club | Unity is Manifesting the Metaverse

Welcome to new subscribers. The S-1 Club is a series from The Generalist. We unpack the most vital IPO filings to keep you in the know, before the opening bell. Thank you for being here. Unity in 1 minute Founded in 2004 as a game studio, Unity ha...
The Generalist

The Purpose of Technology

Two Truths and a Take, Season 2 Episode 29
Balaji S. Srinivasan


feat. Disney's Fitbit for kids, Chat bots that mirror their users & AR Commerce

Scarcity as an API

Brief: In some instances, scarcity produces status. The "drop" is one mechanism to create scarcity that has had a profound cultural effect in apparel and beyond. Going forward, we may see such practices used by software companies, potentially...
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Nike's game chairs, Uber's walking profiles & Adobe's real-time content personalisation
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Two events

The Generalist is hosting two events with tech’s most original thinkers. You can find both here. Scarcity and Abundance in Tech Sunday, November 1st @ 2 pm ET Kevin Kelly once referred to the internet as a "copying machine," noting that &quot...
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