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Democratizing Access
Offer something for free, at a lower price, or make it much more convenient to use.
WHOOP: The $1.2 Billion Fitness Company Changing The Way We Train, Sleep and Recover.
WHOOP, the human performance company, has closed a $100 million Series E financing at a $1.2 billion valuation.
Why is this interesting? - The Allergy Edition
On peanuts, kids, and the complexities of human health
Who’s afraid of Jerome Powell?
I keep seeing these wonderful charts of central bank balance sheets everywhere. Maybe it is because I am so adamant that Quantitative Easing (QE) isn’t going to create inflation that I notice them everywhere. But then again, there is a reason thes...
7 Easy Steps To Make A Landing Page Responsive With Dorik
It’s 2020 and nobody needs to be convinced that all web pages you create need to look awesome on mobile devices. When it comes to creating websites, we often focus on the desktop first (more screen space to play around with), and start working on ...
NY Knicks: Breaking Down The $4.6 Billion Franchise
Despite consistently being one of the worst teams in the NBA, the NY Knicks are valued at a league-high $4.6 billion — but why?
Why is this interesting? - The Cognitive Transition Edition
On remote work, being back-to-back, and finding space to really think
Startups vs Competition
Understanding who you're really up against
New Alcohol &Pregnancy Study
Over the weekend I organized the refrigerator and cabinets. I even cleaned the produce drawers, revealing I actually have nine heads of garlic lying around. I finally accepted we are not going to use shredded coconut with a 6/20/2017 expiration da...
Analysts: Is it better to have technical or social skills?
Being an equity analyst is an interesting job. On the one hand, you need a lot of technical skills in modelling the financials of a company and making forecasts for earnings and other factors. And then there is the human side to it. The numbers ar...
The decline in American Innovation coincides with Big Business's decline in research.
Big Business stopped focusing on innovation because it no longer "had" to.
EthHub Weekly #137
PayPal to support crypto, Yield Protocol now live, Polymarket raises $4mil, AUDIO live on mainnet and much more.
New! Customize your post’s URL + social preview
We’ve added a few more ways to help your posts stand out: customizable post URLs and the ability to upload any image as a social preview. To edit your post’s URL, click on “Settings” from the post’s editor. Along with custom domains, this means yo...
Two events
The Generalist is hosting two events with tech’s most original thinkers. You can find both here. Scarcity and Abundance in Tech Sunday, November 1st @ 2 pm ET Kevin Kelly once referred to the internet as a "copying machine," noting that &quot...
Should streamers pay game devs?
Reopening this controversial argument.
The Sunday edition of the newsletter didn't get published due to a scheduling error.
Software is Eating the Markets (Audio)
Listen now (33 min) | Welcome to the 574 newly Not Boring people who have joined us since the last email! If you’re reading this but haven’t subscribed, join 18,613 smart, curious folks by subscribing here! Hi friends 👋 , Happy Monday! Not Boring ...
Peloton: The Roadmap To 100 Million Subscribers
Peloton has seen significant growth related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but where do they go from here?
How to attract better-skilled employees for lower wages
I have recently written a rather sheepish post on the link between the perceived morality of a company and the wages a company has to pay. Back then, I showed that companies that are perceived as immoral have to pay higher wages to attract qualifi...
The 'NBFC for Insurance' in India
India's upcoming 'standalone micro-insurance company' framework - venture or impact opportunities? Maybe, both? It's time to insure 500M+ lives
Bumper Labour Day Quiz
Sort-of-a-diary of the last 100 hours
A Haunting
"Rebecca! Oh dear!" I couldn't agree more
Sunday Finds from Chit Chat Money
Interview with Beth Kindig, Charles Schwab, and Goodfood
Six lessons from six months at Shopify
Two Truths and a Take, Season 2 Episode 36
How Good Writing Skills Can Set You Apart
Writing becomes a foundational skill for remote. Learn how do it well
What To Read: Phil and Gillian want to live with their friends
We interviewed Phil Levin and Gillian Morris, who write about coliving communities on their newsletter, Supernuclear.
TBM 43/53: The Product Outcomes Formula®™©
Apologies for breaking my streak. 42 Thursdays in 2020 (of all years), 10 weeks from the end, and I fell asleep with the toddler and nothing could get me up. And yes the ® ,™, and © thing is a joke. In this post I'd like to share a very simple mod...
Maybe technocrats shouldn't lead after all...
A rebuttal to my own piece that advocated technocracy.
The Psychedelic Election
A new issue arrives on the horizon. Why it matters.
VFYW Contest: Overlooking A Ghost Town
For contest #254, readers get spooky for the season.
The End of Insurance
Plus: More China "Fintech", Scale in Asset Management, Billion Dollar Whale
Feature Friday: Your Controllers
Understanding what's new with the PS5 and Xbox Series controllers
Friday Roundup: ESPN+, Denver Naming Rights And Rich Paul
A breakdown of this week's most important stories in sports business, including ESPN+, Denver naming rights, and Rich Paul.
Arrogant doctors and Rug doctors
Contemplating coercion as I suck the dirt out of my carpets
Why is this interesting? - The Hidden Diplomacy Edition
On Middle Eastern politics, personal relationships, and a historic deal
Follow Ups and Microplastics
First of all, I am so sorry that many of you read what I intended as funny sarcasm at the top of the last post as serious. I do not think suffering makes you a better parent! I feel terrible that people came away thinking that I think unmedicated ...
Who gets to define sustainability?
Why the gatekeepers need to pass the mic.
High finance
I guess you have heard these stories where scientists have examined money or the wastewater in office buildings and found traces of cocaine everywhere. That is all fine, but scientific instruments are so precise that they can find even the smalles...
Tell us about the best mentor you've ever had.
Share a favorite memory or a few details about what made them so great. What did they teach you?
Uber and Instacart don’t represent Silicon Valley. Why we’re voting “No” on Prop 22
Today, I’m publishing a letter that I penned with Nate D’Anna, co-founder and co-CEO of Dumpling, about Prop 22 and the status of gig workers. Prop 22 is the California ballot proposition that would exempt app-based transportation and delivery com...
Manchester United: Breaking Down The Financials
Manchester United reported earnings yesterday, but how did the COVID-19 pandemic impact their finances?
The Consumerization of Healthcare
One of the most powerful trends in the U.S. economy has only just begun
Traders are different
In my book, I wrote about the laboratory experiments with different investors that show that if you let people trade with each other they naturally create bubbles where share prices deviate significantly from fair value and then crash towards the ...
Future Jist 7
4 articles on issues that are bound to have a strong impact on the world of tomorrow.
New! Add a custom domain to your Substack
Custom domains are now available on Substack. Many writers have told us they’d like to use custom domains to build a home for their newsletters, so we’re excited to finally bring this feature to everyone.
028 | The Inevitable By-Products
Everything in life comes with by-products. This week, I wanted to share with you the inevitable by-products that come with content creation and growing publicly. Over the past 6-months, I’ve experienced a cocktail of positive and negative by-produ...
The Google Suit: We're All Anti-Monopolists Now
The DOJ Antitrust suit is tight and aggressive, and the start of a new era.
Your Wednesday Roundup
Catching you up on console news
Nate Bjorkgren: The Road Less Traveled
Whether it was driving the school bus, or coaching for free, recently hired Pacers head coach Nate Bjorkgren has one of the most unique journeys in NBA history.
Be A Resource
How helping others helps you
Facebook auto-generating personalised ads, Intel's imagination machines & Apple's VR keyboard
Shock or crisis?
Recently, both Howard Marks in his latest memo and Cullen Roche on his Pragmatic Capitalist blog have touched on the question of how fast we are going to leave this crisis behind? Cullen makes the crucial distinction between a shock and a crisis. ...
Doc Emrick: The Master
There are two things that blow my mind about Mike Emrick, NBC’s legendary hockey announcer who on Monday announced his retirement. The first is how awed other sports announcers are of him. There are a handful of people in the world like this, peop...
Adam Silver: The Billion Dollar Trade
A detailed breakdown on the economics of the NBA Bubble and what makes Commissioner Adam Silver the best in sports.
Tough day at the keyboard
I should be posting this over at Patreon, but it’s not the sort rubbish I want cluttering up people’s email, so I’m writing my thoughts here ins…
Finding the next Amazon
In a recent post, I mentioned the research of Henrik Bessembinder who investigates the extreme outliers in the US stock market, i.e. the 200 best and worst stocks by 10-year performance. Obviously, we all would love to find the next Amazon before ...
EthHub Weekly #136
CirclesUBI now live, Kwenta launched, ParaSwap joins StarkEx, Coinbase Wallet adds Optimistic Ethereum support and much more!
How Would President Biden Approach Corporate Power?
The war over monopolies will define the next administration.
"Future Bethesda titles don't need to be on PS5"
What Phil Spencer's comments mean for the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.
Softr.IO: Taking the #NoCode Website Builder for a Spin
Softr.io showed up a few weeks ago in my newsfeeds, and I featured it already in my newsletter with a comment that I will take it for a quick test and blog about it. So I finally found the time to do so. Softr is a tool for building websites in yo...
Unique no-code tools (part 1)
The first in a series about uncommon no-code tools, simplifying the creation of complex applications such as blockchain smart contracts, voice applications, and games.
Reliance's Next Act
Part II: After raising billions from investors, Reliance should invest in India's future
Guild Esports: The $20M Partnership Blurring The Line Between Investor & Endorser
New financial details shed light on the complicated partnership between Guild Esports & British soccer legend David Beckham.
Why is this interesting? - The Monday Media Diet with Harry Jameson
On audiobooks, personal growth, and the best place to stay on Lake Como.
Why was I not told?
Tip o’ the propellor beanie to Beeso who sent me this much appreciated link to a critical gush job over at Rolling Stone. The subject of all the…
For once, this is not greenwashing
Fund companies have a knack for relabelling their funds to make them more attractive to investors. In the late 1990s, many funds changed their names to include the word “growth” or similar expressions to convey that investors would get significant...
Opposition to a Universal Basic Income lies in how we think about the relationship between work and one's right to live.
Study after study seems to show us that direct cash transfers do indeed work. The problem lies in convincing people that they are deserving of the money.
Sunday Finds From Chit Chat Money
Interview with Will Hershey, Lemonade, and LightSpeed
C.R.E.A.M., Part I
Today's briefing is a collaboration between The Generalist and David Wei, an investor, reader, and contributor to The S-1 Club's report on Snowflake. I've come to admire David's knowledge and clear thinking as we've gotten to know each other. Duri...
Covid Kills Inertia: Homeownership Edition
Two Truths and a Take, Season 2 Episode 35
What Should a PM Know About Data Science?
And what questions should you ask your ML team
on expectations
& filipiniality, ancestors & the diasporic ether

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