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Building the Mathematical Library of the Future: In this article Quanta Magazine details the Open Sourced attempt at building what could be the biggest mathematical proof engine in existence: Read Here

Ad Tech Could Be the Next Internet Bubble: We've all heard about the insidious ways in which our data is used to create ads specifically targeted at us. The problem? Most of it doesn't work. The foundation of what is the modern internet may be a bubble waiting to burst. Read Here

Microsoft says Iranian hackers are exploiting the Zerologon vulnerability: The Zerologon bug, a vulnerability described by many security researchers as extremely severe is seeing use by malicious state actors. Not good. Read here

South Korea’s Universal Basic Income Experiment to Boost the Economy: The fight for a UBI is seeing some enormous strides in South Korea. So far, there seems to be a small scale trial going on. Reports are showing great outcomes and may lead to nationwide adoption. Read Here

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